Beds & Sprays

Best Spray Tans in Waco

Versaspra Pro Spray Tan Booth

This is the best spray tan technology out there today! You will love your results from this booth!

Spray tanning is quickest way to look tan. You will begin to see results within hours!

There is also no chance of burning with a spray tan. Our brand new VersaSpa Pro Spray Tan booth is the best in the industry and the best spray tan in Waco!

  • Fastest Results
  • Even Coverage and Perfect Tone
  • Quick and Convenient

Miracle Ergoline Open Sun

This is one of the best beds in the world right now! And is our flagship tanning bed. Give it a try and see the difference.

This is a high pressure, high perfomance bed

The specific UVA light extends the life your tan and reduces the chances of burn. You get more tan in less time with this bed!

  • 5x Better Tanning
  • UVA Reduces Burn, Extends Life of Tan
  • 12 Minute Max

Magic Ergoline Affinity

This tanning bed is going to be a good everyday bed for you. A upper end maintenance bed that keeps you looking fresh!

The mix of UVA and UVB light adds depth and fullness to the tan, while reducing your chance of burning

The Magic Bed has three facial tanners with different intensity settings. The unique mixture of bulbs increases the effectiveness of the tan and reduces the risk.

  • 3x Better Tanning
  • 3 Facial Tanners
  • 12 Minute Max

Stand Up Sun Capsule

You have to have a mix of tanning beds in your regimen. And stand up tanning can be critical to reaching your tans full potential. Our team can guide you on how and when to use all of our technology.

The stand up bed will hit your body at the most angles, reducing any tan lines or light areas. Stand up tanning is important in all tanning regimens to reduce pressure points and tan lines.
  • Hits Your Body at the Most Angles
  • Reduces Tan Lines
  • 10 Minute Max
premier-tanning bed

Premier Sundash Pro

It's hard to call this our base bed, because it really is a boss! Using this regularly while mixing in a couple upgrades will be better than you expect!

This is classic style tanning at it’s best!

The premier bed has optional face tanning to protect your face, while getting your body ready for the beach. It is a great everyday bed that will keep you in good condition all year round.

  • Classic Style Tanning
  • Optional Face Tanner
  • 15 Minute Max